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IITAA Update 2020

On Thursday, November 19, 2020, the State of Illinois convened a working group of State entity representatives, stakeholders, and other appropriate individuals and officials to advise and assist in the process of reviewing and amending the IITAA Standards.


  • Andrew Webb, Equip For Equality
  • Anna Broccolo, SSSRA
  • Archie Beavers, DoIT/REV
  • Ashleigh Stalets, IDOT
  • Barb Large, IDOT
  • Christopher Dobson, Harper College
  • Conan Calhoun, LIFE CIL
  • Dan TeVelde
  • Debbie Price, DoIT-Revenue
  • Denise Avant, National Federation of the Blind of Illinois
  • Donna Jenkins, IDHS/DRS/BBS
  • Donnishia Winfrey, IDHS/DRS/BBS
  • Ed Holt, DoIT-DNR
  • Emilee Nowack, IDOT
  • Ingrid Halvorsen, IDHS/DRS
  • Jane Flanagan, Office of the Governor
  • Jessica Stefanski, IDOT
  • Joel Turner, DoIT-IDOR
  • John Gordon, IDHS/DRS/BBS
  • Jon Gunderson, University of Illinois
  • Kathy Gold, DoIT EPMO
  • Katie Swaner, Illinois Gaming Board
  • Katy Whitelaw, Northern Illinois University
  • Keith Hays, University of Illinois
  • Kelly Spence, DoIT
  • Kim Pieczynski, IDHS/DRS
  • Marilyn Green, National Federation of the Blind of Illinois
  • Mark McCarthy, University of Illinois AITS
  • Matt Allen, DoIT-DHS
  • Matthew Macomber, University of Illinois AITS
  • Melissa Romanotto, MSF&W
  • Mike Kramer, University of Illinois System Offices
  • Mike McIntyre, DoIT-DHS
  • Mike Scott, DoIT-DHS
  • Nathan Zak, MSF&W Consulting
  • Ramona Boston, DoIT-Revenue
  • Randall Cook, IDHS/DRS/BBS
  • Reuel Wright, Illinois School for the Visually Impaired
  • Shandi Chapman, IDOT
  • Silvette Weaver, IDHS/DRS/BBS
  • TJ Schlouski, Illinois Assistive Technology Program


After deliberating whether to update the IITAA Standards to match WCAG 2.1 or keep them aligned with Section 508, which still referenced WCAG 2.0, the workgroup recommended keeping the IITAA aligned with Section 508, and encouraging compliance with WCAG 2.1 when possible