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DoIT Employment FAQ

List of Questions

If I applied for a job weeks ago and haven't heard anything, does that mean that I didn't get the job?

  • Not necessarily. There is a large encompassing process behind the scenes that our personnel department must first work through.

  • If the job is filled internally, no action will be taken on your application, and you will receive an email with a disposition. Please continue to apply for future openings.

  • If the job is not filled internally, your application will be reviewed. You will receive an email with next steps or a disposition.

  • If your title requires an automated exam, you will be contacted by one of the testing centers to arrange a date and time for testing. 

  • To ensure you do not miss any communication - Please check your "junk mail", "spam", or "other" folder for communication(s) regarding any submitted application(s).

Do I have to complete the education section if I attach my transcripts?

Yes. If the position you are applying for requires a college degree, you must completely fill out the education section. Please upload all information to support your education, licenses, or training and experience.

After submitting my application, how long can one expect to hear back, and how will we be informed if our application is rejected?

It depends on the specific vacancy. As previously stated, there are many variables that must be covered in the hiring process. As for your grade, if the position you applied for does not require a test, please continue to check the status of your application by logging into your profile. If an exam is required at a CMS examining center is required, CMS will contact you to set up an appointment, and your grade will be instantly issued and automatically uploaded to the appropriate grade lists once you take the exam.

I am a veteran. How do I establish my veteran's preference? Do I need to do it each time I apply?

Under State law, qualified veterans are entitled to points added to a passing grade and appointment preference. Please Note: Illinois National Guard/Reserves non-activated with less than 4 years of service only receive points added to a passing grade. All veterans will be required to submit a certified copy of their DD214/DD215 as proof of service at the time of application. Once you have established your veteran's preference, it is permanent. For more information, please visit the CMS Veteran's Outreach Program page.

Why does it take so long to get a position with the State of Illinois?

There are multiple steps involved with the hiring process.  The Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology works closely with Central Management Services (CMS) to ensure the proper steps are followed to find the most qualified applicants.

Do you recommend submitting a resume and/or cover letter when applying?

A resume and cover letter are not required unless the job posting specifically asks for one. Uploading a resume will make the online job applications process easier as the system will automatically pull the information from the resume and populate it to the designated fields. You will just need to check the fields to ensure all the information was pulled correctly.

Do I need to be vaccinated to get a job at DoIT?

There is no vaccination requirement for employment at the Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology.

I've completed my online application recently. Are there different ways to apply?

  • Effective July 1st, 2022, there is only one way to apply for a job.

  • You must apply using the online system - Career Opportunities.

  • Click the Apply Button on each posting to apply.

Can I apply for multiple titles on my online application?

No. You need a separate online application for each active position in which you are interested.

How long does training last for the Trainee titles?

Generally, training lasts 12 to 24 months. If you are meeting your job requirements at the end of the training period, you will automatically be promoted to an Information Services Specialist 1.

Will DoIT pay for me to relocate?

Unfortunately, the Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology is not allowed to compensate you for any relocation expenses.

If I do not have a degree, should I still put my education down?

Yes. Education could be used as a tiebreaker between two candidates who have the exact same interview score.

Do I need a degree?

It depends on the position.  Jumping straight into one of the trainee titles does not require an associates or bachelor's degree from a specific category of fields.  Our Information Services Specialist title does require an associate degree or the equivalent to an associate degree.  The Information Systems Analyst title does require a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent to a bachelor’s degree.

I do not have the required degree, but [X] years of experience in the field. Am I still eligible?

If the Minimum Requirements state that we will accept [X] number of years, such as "Requires a degree OR [X] years' experience", then yes. If the Minimum Requirements list a degree is required, but no experience equivalency, the answer is no.

Once I apply, what is the follow up process?

You can check the status of your application by logging into your profile and viewing the Jobs Applied tab.

Is experience required?

It depends on the position.  The trainee titles do not require experience. You should check the minimum qualifications in the job postings for each position you apply for.

Do you accept foreign degrees/education?

We do. However, degrees from foreign countries must be converted into American University terms to be credited when applications for state employment are being evaluated. You can find more information about on the CMS FAQ page.

Are full-time work-from-home or hybrid work schedule positions available?

Yes, many positions at DoIT qualify for a hybrid work schedule.  However, there are positions located in our agency that cannot be on a hybrid schedule due to their critical nature.  If you are in a trainee title or a new employee, you could be in the office because of the need for in-person classroom training and side-by-side mentoring.