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2020 StateScoop Award Winners

StateScoop features the latest leaders and innovators, news and events in state and local government technology. StateScoop gathers top leaders from across government, academia and the tech industry to discuss ways technology can improve government, and to exchange best practices and identify ways to achieve common goals.



Brandon Ragle serves as the Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology's chief of enterprise applications. In that role, he leads the development of strategy, planning and operations for the state's enterprise applications. Ragle is successfully and rapidly moving enterprise projects forward. Using his leadership and consultation skills, Ragle balances the needs of agency customers with the state environment to arrive at sustainable solutions. Ragle is a leader in the advancement of several enterprise projects, including enterprise licensing and permitting, website modernization and service management.



Judy Zhu serves as a valuable liaison between the Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology senior management and client agencies, as well as internal and external audit entities to provide coordination of timely statutory and best practice information and data to all relevant parties. Zhu's initiative and willingness to accept new tasks and projects and the thoughtful analysis and interpretation she provides allows the team at Illinois DoIT to more efficiently and effectively perform assigned duties.



Business Impact Analysis is a program driven by the cyber resiliency team within information security at the Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology. BIA is providing valuable information surrounding the enterprise application environment to the various customer support teams. It links the mission of the agencies and the priorities of their functions to the technology and systems they use to provide services to residents. This ensures the most secure, effective, and efficient IT service objectives are provided by DoIT to customer agencies. The BIA effort feeds data points into the risk-based approach..