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2019 StateScoop Awards

StateScoop features the latest leaders and innovators, news and events in state and local government technology. StateScoop gathers top leaders from across government, academia and the tech industry to discuss ways technology can improve government, and to exchange best practices and identify ways to achieve common goals.

State Leadership Award

Debbie Price, Revenue CIO

Debbie leads her IT department to deliver high value, customer-centric technology, with an enterprise approach to maximize taxpayer value, consistently demonstrating a commitment to enterprise thinking.

Under her leadership, her team delivers applications and training to agencies statewide including Revenue’s Legislative Tracking System, Fleet Management System and Human Resources Information System (HRIS), at little or no added cost.  She extended Tableau training beyond her agency, inviting 6 other agencies, to facilitate the deployment of the technology statewide.  She consistently leads her staff to assist where needed across agencies to deliver an enterprise approach to serving our citizens.

Up & Comer Award

Beth Pruitt, Manager of Cyber Resiliency & Disaster Recovery

Beth and her team are actively executing a project to develop Business Continuity Plans for the 63 agencies supported by the Department of Innovation & Technology (DOIT) under the Governor’s Office.

They are tasked with conducting Business Impact Analyses, (BIAs) and creating, refreshing, and verifying disaster recovery plans for systems identified by the BIAs. Beth’s team is also developing a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) for DOIT. Beth also serves at DOIT’s representative to the State’s Emergency Operations Center.

State IT Innovation of the Year Award, Illinois Unified & Collaboration

While the need for modern workplace communication tools at the State of Illinois is has been long-realized, the implementation, once started, moved quickly, bringing both increased productivity and cost savings to state agencies. DoIT has been migrating what will total 18,000 Centrex lines and 190 legacy video conference systems to the Enterprise VoIP network solution. Since April of 2018, DoIT has avoided $3.5 million in costs by replacing aging technology. The VoIP migration project is expected to be complete in June 2019 bringing additional cost savings and improved functionality to users.