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Telecommunications Forms

Accounts Receivable Credit Request Form (ARCRF)
To resolve problems concerning billing discrepancies, disallowed calls, credit adjustments, etc.; please complete the "Credit Adjustment Form." Attach all supportive documentation related to the claim and explain the error.

Cost Center (AU) Request Form (Interactive)
The cost center (AU) number is the 10-digit number used for aggregating an agency’s or division’s or business unit’s telecommunications charges. 

The DoIT Agency Registration Contact Information, provides an agency Director the ability to authorize staff within an agency to serve as Telecommunications Coordinator. 

Jabber Collaboration User Profile Spreadsheet
Agencies will need to request access to Cisco Jabber via a Telecommunications Services Request (TSR) along with this Collaboration User Profile Spreadsheet. 

P-Phone Key Sheets
This sheet should accompany all TSR orders requesting new P-Phones or changes to existing P-Phones.

E-TSR Form (V196B)
The E-TSR should be completed for all data equipment, use of network facilities, voice orders, LAN installations, moves, changes, and fiber optic requests.

Access the VoIP Master Spreadsheet for user input.