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Ordering Information Technology Services

Requests for Information Technology Services must be submitted by your agency appointed Agency Technology Service Requesters (ATSR's).  If you do not know who your ATSR is, please contact the Service Desk at 217-524-3648 (Springfield) or 312-814-3648 (Chicago).

Agency Technology Service Requesters (ATSR)

Only agency appointed ATSRs are authorized to sign orders and expend agency funds for DoIT products and services. Appointments of ATSRs require a signature by your agency head

Designated roles include:

  • Service Request Submitter (no spending authority)
  • Agency Technology Service Requester (with spending authority)

Need DoIT?

IT Service Requests


  1. Escalations assume that a ticket has been opened and if necessary, approved by the ATSR.
  2. Issue has been identified as CRITICAL by Agency Business Leaders and CIO/GCIO due to impact to agency critical functions, but not warranting an unplanned outage.
  3. Requests for escalations must include the business need justification which will be entered into the tickets by CSD team at time of the escalation.
  4. GCIOs/CIOs may delegate up to two (2) of their direct staff who are authorized to review and approve requests for escalations and monitor ServiceNow tickets and Dashboards.
    a. Delegates listing may be monitored on the CIO Dashboard in ServiceNow
    b. Changes to delegates will be updated by GCIO/CIO via email to the Chief Customer Officer.
  5. Escalations are reported on the CIO dashboard for awareness of how many tickets are escalated for both the enterprise and by agency.

REMINDER:  If everything is an escalation, then nothing is a priority.

Standard Escalation Process

  1. An Agency CIO/Group CIO or designee may email to initiate an escalation for a Service Request or an Incident. The email must contain supporting justification for escalation. NOTE: Incidents that need escalation outside of the business hours, must be reported to the DoIT Service Desk by calling 217-524-3648, Option 1.
  2. Send email to:
    2. Flag email as high priority (!)
    3. Subject: Escalation Request – Ticket #
  3. Provide the ticket number.
  4. Provide justification or business need for the escalation.
  5. Customer Service Management team creates a work log entry including the provided information and marks the ticket as escalated.
  6. DoIT fulfillment team/technician and their fulfillment group manager to notifyare notified by the ticketing system of the escalation.
  7. The assigned DoIT fulfillment team/technician contacts the customer with an update and an estimated time of completion and makes a work note in the ticket.
  8. The CIO/Group CIO or designee may follow-up with the Customer Service Management team or email if the DoIT Services fulfillment team / technician does not respond or make an onsite visit by the projected ETA defined within the ticket work notes for completion.
  9. If no response, the Customer Service Management team escalates to the next level of DoIT team/technician and their manager.

Contact Information - Escalations

​IT Service Processing Manager
​IT Service Desk Manager
​Chief Customer Officer
Jill Pence (Service Requests)


Liz McComb

Beth Pruitt