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State of Illinois Digital ID

The State of Illinois Digital Signature offers a comprehensive infrastructure for supporting electronic government services. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) employs public key cryptography and digital signatures, coupled with certificate management software. Integrating these services into software applications enables user authentication, guarantees data privacy and integrity, and establishes audit trails. This ensures that electronic transactions maintain the same or higher levels of assurance as traditional paper-based business transactions.

Before applying for, accepting, or utilizing a State of Illinois Digital ID, individuals must carefully review the subscriber agreement. Failure to agree to the terms outlined in this subscriber agreement will result in the non-issuance of a Digital ID in your name.

Digital ID Registration Process

Apply for a Digital ID 

Upon successfully registering, citizens will receive a Digital ID (also known as a digital certificate), serving as their electronic "key" to government services. This Digital ID empowers individuals to authenticate themselves, access personalized electronic services, digitally sign and submit forms, as well as securely send or receive sensitive information in encrypted form, ensuring privacy when interacting with any state government entity that participates in the system.


There are several State of Illinois agencies which utilize a Digital ID. Click the links provided below for further information.